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For all its problems with the insincere among its ranks, the real truth movement is the one peopled by the vast, honest majority who believe the events of 9/11 must be subjected to the closest scrutiny possible if we are to learn from this dark chapter in world history. This site is for every real "truther" out there.


"If telling the truth marginalizes you, then that is the place to be. After all, if enough people are willing to be marginalized, then before you know it, society has developed a different center. This is the politics of truth."

E. Martin Schotz

"I've had enough of someone else's propaganda... I'm for truth, no matter who tells it. I'm for justice, no matter who it is for or against. I'm a human being first and foremost, and as such I'm for whoever and whatever benefits humanity as a whole."

Malcolm X

"I am a passionate seeker after Truth and a not less passionate enemy of the malignant fictions used by the "Party of Order", the official representatives of all turpitudes, religious, metaphysical, political, judicial, economic, and social, present and past, to brutalise and enslave the world; I am a fanatical lover of Liberty; considering it as the only medium in which can develop intelligence, dignity, and the happiness of man..."

Mikhail Bakunin

"Tell all the Truth but tell it slant-/Success in Circuit lies/Too bright for our infirm Delight/The Truth's superb surprise/As Lightning to the Children eased/With explanation kind/The Truth must dazzle gradually/Or every man be blind-"

Emily Dickinson

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How 9-11 truth will play out - revised

Due to further study of 9-11 truth and more current info, I am adjusting my make believe scenario for how 9-11 truth will play out (the original version is in 911B).

This is a fictional account of what can happen in the future. This assumes the year is 2007 forward.

1. 9-11 truth is spreading too far for the conspiracists to contain. 9-11 was convenient when it was first executed, citizen rights were curtailed, media was controlled, occupation troops were deployed in Afghanistan and Iraq. At present however, 9-11 is becoming a liability. A big concern is that 9-11 truth, if pursued to its true benefactors would expose the ZIONISTS that control US media and government policies (both overt and covert actions), exposure of the ZIONISTS control and influence in government and media is considered unacceptable at any cost.

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Invitation - Nay, Exhortation to Post Content

Just want to encourage everyone to post away, and also to comment on and suggest changes to this site's format, features, etc. If the interface lets you do it, you should feel free. A new poll, anyone? Go for it!

The beauty of this Drupal platform is that there are a million things you can tinker with--see for example the list of Drupal modules on Drupal's website and if you see something you think might make this site better just say so. Do people want to be able to rate comments like we did on blogger? I haven't found the exact module yet but I'll keep looking...

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The Danger of Fearmongering - or LOOKOUT!! Mossad Planning to Attack America This Summer!

This is from the shills at 911blogger. When I read crap like this, I just imagine Chertoff getting the word from Mossad that it's time to start warning about an "al Qaeda" attack so as to create the proper context for blaming them right off the bat with no investigation... Note of course that it's all about Bush wanting to attack America before his term is up. Oh yeah, and the CIA.

I'm going to start playing the game too. Whenever I hear crap like this I will interpret it as a threat by Mossad, then when it happens we will all know who really did it. OK, look out people--apparently Mossad is going to attack America this summer!

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Fall 2007 LIHOP Offensive - The Last Chance Dance for the Perps and Their Apologists in the Fake Truth Movement

It's pretty easy by now to observe developments in the movement as a battle between the real truth movement that has been working doggedly to raise awareness among the uninitiated public and the fake truth movement that insularly focuses on internal politics as a means of trying to control what the public, once aware, will think of the movement.

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I hate to be a divider and all, but...

Has Alex Jones covered this? :)

http://xymphora.blogspot.com/2007/06/gay-bombs.html (for full linked artcle)

Saturday, June 30, 2007
Gay Bombs

A few days ago, an Orthodox Jewish suicide bomber was apprehended by Israeli officials before he had a chance to set off his bomb at the Jerusalem Gay Pride Parade (Orthodox Jews have a problem with gays). We didn’t hear a lot about this, as Jews are always supposed to be victims, and by definition can’t be terrorists. Had he succeeded, he no doubt would have been described as the victim, and an Arab body would have been chosen to be the terrorist. Then the usual typists would have written their opinion pieces wondering what is it in the ‘Arab mind’ that makes the Palestinians so prone to suicide bombing.

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The Cult of the Amateur - Or the Griping of the Dying Elite?

This book review does not mention 9/11, but you can just feel our presence oozing behind the text. The book reviewed argues against the democratizing effect of the Internet, claiming that we are all going to suffer as a result of the crap that now passes for news and entertainment as a result of sites like Google and YouTube.

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Why did DZ REALLY quit 911blogger?

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dz Purged from 911Blogger -- Night of the Long Knives Commences

dz notes in a new blog at 911b that "effective immediately" he is no longer a team member. My impression is that he has been increasingly stressed by the demands of running the site, and I'm glad that he has made the decision to turn it over to Reprehensor rather than shutting it down or further limiting it. (For example, he had given consideration to eliminating comments.)

Amidst the appreciative farewell comments, however, we see several celebrating the idea of banning "infiltrators." For example, Victronix, a relatively new member who seems to exist for the sole purpose of condemning those who do not hew closely to the Jim Hoffman agenda as COINTELPRO, writes:

Banning is the antidote to a mentally ill and infiltrated movement.

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Britain Sees Qaeda Links

Alliance also feared between Qaeda Eggs and French Toast... Al-Syrup website claims lead to sticky situation, more pancake collapses possible...

Britain Arrests Two More in Car Bomb Plot

Published: July 2, 2007

LONDON, July 2 —British police today arrested two more suspects in connection with the attempted car bombings last week in London and Glasgow, the authorities said, bringing the total number of arrests to seven in what the government has described as a plot linked to Al Qaeda.

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Weekend Truthing Exceeds Expectations

Yesterday, Saturday, I spent 7 hours in Harvard Square manning the billboard station that you all have seen in the video I posted recently. The response on this beautiful day teeming with foot traffic was nothing short of breathtaking.

I had a stack of about a hundred 11 Remarkable Facts flyers that disappeared after a few hours without me actually offering them to anyone other than having a little sign next to the pile saying "please take a flyer!"

I had the audio of the David Ray Griffin talk from Vancouver last May playing on loop with a sign explaining who what where so that in addition to reading the material on the boards people could hear Griffin's reassuring voice of reason.

I had a number of great conversations, including a lady and her husband who appeared to be Pakistani thanking me profusely for doing this, and insisting on taking a picture with me. Responses like that, including their blessings, are one of the best rewards of truthing in public.

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Some Recent Comments on Amazon Discussion Board

Cicero says:
"I entered this discussion before having completed Griffin's book; at this point I am convinced beyond a shadow of doubt about 9/11 being a false flag operation."

Wow! You are convinced 911 was a deliberate plan orchestrated by Bush 43 not just beyond a reasonable doubt, but beyond "a shadow of a doubt." Thankfully, you reside in Vancouver BC and will never be called to serve on an American jury trial. With someone with your infinitesimally low threshold for evidence, facts, and common sense, a prosecutor need only appeal to your warped ideology to get your guilty vote.

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Wait... Don't Marijuana Profits Go To Fund Al Qaeda?

In his dissent on a recent free-speech case, Justice John Paul Stevens wades into the war-on-drugs debate, comparing modern-day pot smokers with "otherwise law-abiding patrons of bootleggers and speakeasies," during the prohibition era.

Stevens, who the Washington Post notes turned 87 on April 20, said the current climate surrounding the war on drugs "is reminiscent of the opinion that supported the nationwide ban on alcohol consumption when I was a student."

The Supreme Court this week ruled against an Alaska student who displayed a "BONG HiTS 4 JESUS" sign at an event outside his high school, ..


And this story reminded me of this gem:

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Real Truther vs. The Larouche Youth - Round 2

See Round 1 here

Every now and then a gaggle of Larouchebags descends on Harvard Square in search of converts to Larouchism. As I wrapped up a three hour session of sign holding/pamphleteering (an occasional after-work pastime) I noticed the Larouche kids setting up shop across the street and decided to check in with them.

For those who don't know, Lyndon Larouche is a self-styled New Deal democrat who has been ostracized from his own party for some time now, and also spent some time in the pokey (jail) for alleged fraud or embezzlement or something. He and his supporters claim he was framed for political reasons and frankly he may well be telling the truth for all I know. In any case suffice it to say that his organization is a little creepy, very international and multicultural, reportedly coercive with its members and well, you know, a bit cultish.

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Is Video Fakery the New Transsexuality? Or the New Alien Abduction?

This is part one (duh) of a five part series, and "socialservice" definitely leads with his/her strongest arguments. Having watched this part several times, I would now definitely entertain the idea that some faked video was broadcast on 9/11.

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The People's Republic of China Learns About Bohemian Grove!

According to my (American) sources, who thought this was fascinating (they had read about BG in Craig Unger's House of Bush House of Saud) this article has a fairly neutral to positive tone, one of simple curiosity and interest. There is no mention of satanic rituals, just that it is a club that includes many important people who are interested in reviving ancient rituals. The story says that very few people know much about what goes on there but that interest has been growing recently. In other words, nothing weird about it. my source says that it almost sounds like they're saying that this is the kind of stuff that interests the American elites so maybe we should be interested in it too as our country becomes the next superpower. See the original page, which also includes a feature on wtcdemo's own Paris Hilton!


美神秘权贵俱乐部苦苦膜拜艳星20年 会员皆名流

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What is the worst showing yet by the Loose Change boys?

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911Blogger Front Pages Video Featuring Mega-Disinfo Shill David Shayler

And Jon Gold posts LIHOP piece (I know, big shock!)

The Shayler video is apparently a slick production and for anyone who fails to read the dissenting comments on 911B will probably seem like a great resource. Problem of course is when they email it to all their friends, someone will discover that David Shayler thinks missiles disguised as planes with holograms hit the towers and that life on earth was brought here by aliens. The poor fool who sends the video then gets mocked by his buddies and never touches anything remotely resembling a 9/11 truth video, site, book, etc.

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Dylan, Jason, and Korey - Straw Men for Hire

Straw men are known not just for being easy targets to get beat up on, but also for not having any brains.

How else to describe those irrepressible Loose Change boys? Not only do they hock snake oil remedies and apocalypse-prep kits on the Genesis Communications Network with their silly radio show, but apparently they took it upon themselves to "debate" Rolling Stone's resident mockingbird Matt Taibbi. See the last question in this Q&A with Taibbi.

Honestly, if anyone still thinks the Loose Change boys are legit, I invite you to enlighten me as to how on earth you manage to do so!

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I can't believe this chick is defending the fat movie guy. Didn't he like, just say that Iran didn't do 9/11 or something weird like that? And yeah, my labia are nice and tan, so what? You go, Larry!!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007
Dear Larry,

There are not many people who are blessed to have a position such as the one in which you find yourself today. I knew your name from years ago. I knew that if someone was on Larry's show, it was a big deal. That guest would be smart, contributive, and poignant. I would walk away from your interviews, Larry, feeling as if I'd just been let in on a secret dinner conversation. I used to find your questions imaginative, original, and somewhat interesting and clever. Your suspenders, with matching ties... really, that is such a cute idea. It spells class all the way.

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Peace is Possible

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