First Salvo Launched From HMS Truefaction - Reason for Purge Clear, Not Surprising

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ZIHOP as Limited Hangout

Danse, the truth movement's most erudite anarcho-syndicalist, had long ago achieved a reputation for being fair and balanced by including the Danicng Israelis in his video The Thrid Stage.  It was the first significant truth film to my knowledge to do so, and as such it exceeded even Danse's expectations for popularity.

Now that the shills have turned Truthaction into the next 911blogger, cleaned out of anyone not on board with the "blame bush for Israel" strategy of damage control, Danse feels it is safe, apparently, to say what he REALLY thinks.  And that is that concern for Israel was not foremost in the minds of those who planned and executed 9/11.  Instead it is the ol' Anglo-American power elite who have dragged their little vassal state kicking and screaming into this horrible plot against the American people.  Lest his point not be clear, Danse makes sure to make clear that Zionism and Zionists are just bogeymen, and that really what (presumably) we are talking about is (surprise!) Jews.

Danse is turning into the intelligent person's Alex Jones, eschewing NWO for MIC, that is the military industrial complex.  Strangely enough, he cites Eisenhower as a source of much of the strategy of dominating resource-rich muslim lands.  The same Eisenhower of course who popularized (or perhaps even coined, not sure) the term military-industrial complex in his farewell address warning to Americans of the threat it posed to their democracy.

I want to leave this thread at the top for a while and call on folks here to take seriously this challenge by one of the more worthy of those remaining at truthaction amidst the controllers.  We should take him to task or risk having people misunderstand our position--that which finds Zionism to play a more important role in world affairs than Danse thinks.  For all his abilities Danse has presented a woefully incomplete version of "ZIHOP" in his essay, and if we don't correct him, who will?