WKJO filmmaker, Ty Rauber, Q & A

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Ty Rauber Introduction
Submitted by Annoymouse on Fri, 2008-01-11 19:01.
Hello All,
My name is Ty Rauber. I am one of the filmmakers behind WKJO. I want to thank (Larry Horse) for sending me a link to this thread.
I typically try to refrain myself from commenting on WKJO threads, because I would prefer the film speak for itself. But, when someone suggests WKJO is disinfo - and in turn suggest Ryan and I are disinfo agents - I can't help but jump in and introduce myself. Not because I am hurt, or insulted by the insinuation, but because I feel bad for that person. Having wasted a good portion of my life worrying about the identity, associations and intents of others, I feel obligated to make every effort to clear up my own, in the hope of preventing others from making the same mistake on my behalf.
First, I speak for myself, not the film or Ryan, so any comment I make now is my own.
Regarding LIHOP versus MIHOP - I do not subscribe to this division. It suggests that the US Government is one body and mind capable of making only one action in one direction at any given time. It suggests that these concepts, LIHOP / MIHOP are mutually exclusive, when I believe both to be true. Some factions within the government made it happen, while others let it happen. Further, I think this semantic division has done a tremendous disservice to the 9-11 truth movement in that it has polarized the community into inaction.
I am of the opinion that controlled demolitions were used to bring down the towers and WTC7. If you watch the movie, I think you will find that it represents this opinion also. The reason controlled demolitions only gets a little bit of screen time is that in the end, it can't be proven either way - Unless of course you still had all the physical evidence. I am of the opinion that the HOW cannot be proven, especially now years later, while the WHO and WHY still can be. Finally, it is my opinion that the community's fascination with the HOW only serves as yet another distraction, further polarizing an already divided movement. Controlled demolitions, remote controlled airplanes, holograms, ufos - oh my. All the evidence is gone. That's like trying to solve a murder without a body. Good luck with that.
Regarding the drug connections - Oh man, where to even begin. It is my opinion that factions within the U.S. Intelligence and Industrial community control the global drug trade, for the purpose of propping up failing fortune 500 companies and a tanking U.S. Dollar, in addition to funding illicit wars outside of congressional approval. I think history has proven as much. Just a little research should lead you to the same conclusion.
Regarding WKJO being only seen by a few thousand people, you might want to throw a hundred in the middle of that. WKJO has been translated to six languages, uploaded to google a half dozen times. There are dozens of bit torrent files out there. There are a bunch of versions on Archive.org. And we sold a good deal of DVDs, even though it is available for free online.
I bring this up not to brag - I really could care less - but to outline a point. WKJO is the enigma of 9-11 videos, because it is the only movie that focuses on the WHO and WHY: the people, companies and financial trails. Further, it is the one movie that is wholly ignored by the movement leaders - primarily because of the belief that the characterizations cast truthers in a bad light. To those leaders I say, "If you can't laugh at yourself, how can you laugh at life?"
Some people just hate my artistic sensibilities - to those I say, "I can't blame you." I would probably hate it too if I hadn't made it. I mean come on, one actor in one room, playing multiple characters - who the hell would call that art. BUT - the transcripts are available. If you can't stand the visuals, read the transcript. No reason to throw the baby out with the bath water.
Finally, while having not researched ******* and his opinions, I would like to suggest that your condemnation of him was a little rough. Having misspoke on more than a few occasions myself, I really appreciate tolerance and forgiveness. Further, I would suggest to ******* that rather digging a deeper hole for yourself, you should just apologize.
Just look at how much of this thread is now dedicated to bashing. Shame on you all. Flame wars get us no where. I hope with that, I can bring this thread back on a positive track.
I now leave myself open to your questions and comments. All I ask is that you remember that I am a real person, with real emotions, and real responsibilities. As soon as I feel I am wasting my time - which is incredibly valuable to me - I am gone. Capisce?
Thanks again (Larry Horse) for bringing this thread to my attention. I hope you don't come to regret it.
Best wishes to All,
Ty Rauber
Producer & Director
"Who Killed John O'Neill?"