Israel and the OKC Bombing

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Goldenberg says people knew that John Doe Number One was McVeigh, but not the identity of John Doe Number Two. ". . . Almost immediately after the bombings, the world also saw an artist's rendering of a second possible suspect: a square-jawed, clean-shaven young man whose name was never revealed," Goldenberg stated. U.S. authorities continued to deny the existence of a John Doe Number Two.

But Goldenberg says it is no mere coincidence that a number of Israeli intelligence agents were dispatched to Oklahoma City three days prior to the bombing of the federal building. This is no coincidence either:

In May of 1998, Goldenberg received a copy of an Israeli intelligence memo, which he still has, written just hours before the Oklahoma bombing. It had been passed on to the Washington Metropolitan Field Office of the FBI by Vincent Cannistrano, former chief of counter-terrorism operations at the CIA, and warned of an Islamic terrorist plot to blow up one of three "targets" in Oklahoma City, Los Angeles, and possibly Houston.

"Cannistrano had received a phone call on April 19, 1995, from an unspecified Saudi citizen who worked as a counter-terrorism official for the Saudi Royal Family," Goldenberg writes. "That source. . . told Cannistrano he had solid information that there was a 'squad' of people in the U.S. that had been tasked with carrying out these attacks. At the time, Cannistrano could not comment on the reliability of the information, nor could he corroborate it."


Was Osama Involved In Oklahoma City?

But what should be even more troublesome to the American people is that our government continues to hide, even at this late date, the information about an Arab connection to the Oklahoma City bombing. There is still a reluctance to paint the Arabs in their all of their unmitigated evil colors. It would indeed be interesting to know which individuals and agencies are responsible for keeping these truths from the American people.  

By the way, all of the following information which is known to the FBI and the CIA,as well as to Israel's security agencies comes from an article 'Did McVeigh Have A Mideast Link?' by Elliot Goldenberg which appeared in the Washington Jewish Week in October 2001. 

Three days before the bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building a number of Israeli agents were dispatched to Oklahoma City based on information obtained by Israel. about some kind of terrorist event. Following the bombing, Israeli experts determined that the explosives had some of the specific characteristics of those used by Arab terrorists. The Israelis took the information to the ATF (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms) which turned it over to the FBI.


Jayna Davis is a "reporter" who would seem to be the public face of much of the "arabs did OK City""  storyline:


In my research I came across this site where one can see in great detail the promotion of the Islamofascist myth shortly after 9/11...