UJA? U Don't Say! Identifying the Unspoken Nexus of New York Zionism and 9/11...

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It should be noted that despit its name the UJA is/was an organization primarily dedicated to support of the Zionist state of Israel, not Jewish people per se.

United Jewish Appeal

The main organization through which U.S. Jews support Jews abroad.

1939 the United Palestine Appeal joined with the American Jewish Joint
Distribution Committee and the National Refugee Service to form the
United Jewish Appeal (UJA). Most of what it raises goes to what is now
called the United Israel Appeal, which operates through the Jewish
Agency in Israel. Funds are also given to support Jewish communities in
other parts of the world. The UJA operates through hundreds of
federations and welfare funds in the United States.

Between 1939 and 1967 the UJA raised an estimated $1.925 billion,
including $147 million in 1948, the year that the state of Israel was
created, and $250 million in 1967, when the 1967 War occurred. Nearly $1
billion was distributed to the UJA and its predecessor, the United
Palestine Appeal (UPA).

In 1999 the UJA, the United Israel Appeal
(UIA), and the Council of Jewish Federations merged to form the United
Jewish Communities (UJC). In the same year the UJC
was reported to have raised $524 million, making it the seventh-largest
charity in the United States. The UJA Federation of New York was
reported to have raised $157 million.


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Lewis Eisenberg - Head of Port Authority when WTC privatized by leasing to Larry Silverstein

For many years, Mr. Eisenberg was a partner of Goldman Sachs & Co. In 1990, he founded Granite Capital International Group, an investment management company headquartered in New York City. Mr. Eisenberg also served from 1995 to 2001 as Chairman of the Board of Commissioners of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. The Port Authority is also, of course, the owner of the World Trade Center, and Mr. Eisenberg led the agency through the first three months of recovery and clean-up after the terrorist attacks of September 11. He was recently named a member of New York's Lower Manhattan Redevelopment Authority, which will spearhead the rebuilding of Ground Zero.

His community and charitable activities include leadership in health and healthcare related institutions. He is on the Planning Board of UJA/United Jewish Federation.

Mr. Eisenberg is a long-time Republican activist and was recently elected Finance Chairman of the Republican National Committee. He has raised millions of dollars for the Republican Party and Republican candidates. He served on New York Governor George Pataki's transition team and was a key advisor to New Jersey Governor Christine Whitman. http://www.rjchq.org/Biography.asp?formmode=SingleBio&ID=6



Judge Alvin Hellerstein - Handling all 9/11 cases

Member of the UJA's Commission on Jewish Identity and Renewal


The Commission on Jewish Identity and Renewal (CoJIR) was conceived in crisis. The 1991 National Jewish Population Study reported a 52 percent intermarriage rate, a figure understood by most American Jewish leaders to be troubling news, as the majority of Jews were effectively opting out of Judaism by choosing a non-Jewish spouse. CoJIR's first decade was devoted to funding programs and projects that could reverse this trend and attempt to strengthen the odds that future generations would make different Jewish choices.


Larry Silverstein - Leased WTC 6 weeks before its destruction

UJA Board Member, Former Chair