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Involved at the top levels of the ‘9/11 Conspiracy’ are men and women who were not “born of Jewish mothers,” and yes, Al Franken, there is more than one person involved in this operation, thus semantically qualifying it as a bonafide “conspiracy.” Thus, before we proceed, we must again, at the outset, burn down the straw-man question of, “so you’re saying the Jews did 9/11?!” I personally know that Mr. Friedman, who owns the deli on the corner, was not involved in this conspiracy, so again, further proof that the Jewish people did not blow up Larry Silverstein’s buildings and ram remote-controlled airplanes into them. If, by the end of this four-part article, or mini-book, one still does not understand the diametrically opposed positions of “Zionism” and “Judaism,” and still believes that the thesis presented here is “the Jews did 9/11,” then English reading comprehension courses may be in order. Having said this, and before proceeding any further, we will re-state the basic thesis behind this entire multi-part article, which is: The ‘false-flag’, military/intelligence, ‘black-op’ terror operation known as “9/11” was ultimately encouraged, planned, executed, and covered up by men and women who subscribe to an agenda defined by the modern, political ideology of militant, right-wing Zionism. Some of these people are masquerading as Jews, and some as Christians. These highly funded and well-organized Zionist ideologues have literally and historically used the innocent people of their Faiths as “human shields” in the execution of their mission of materialistic hegemony and modern Empire. In other words, it’s not so much about the oil as it is about the long-held, Middle Eastern geo-political and economic agenda of Israel and its long-considered, neo-colonialist plans to dominate the Arab and Persian worlds through fear and military intimidation. The U.S. and Britain, in this deceptively clever and often vicious agenda, are both Israel’s weapons and its dupes.

Because of the fact that this socio-political ideology of Zionism forms the kernel around which many of the major historical events and agitations of the last century have accumulated and formed, an understanding of what exactly “Zionism” actually is becomes essential, to not only comprehending the possible motivations behind an event such as 9/11, but indeed, to any full and accurate historical understanding of the entire scope of 20th and early 21st century history and their major events. Therefore, in the second part of this four-part article, we will examine many of the major themes and ideas found in the core document, or manifesto, enshrined at the root of this ideology – Theodor Herzl’s “Der Judenstaat” (“The Jewish State”), published in 1896.

As we look at the historical and ideological development of Herzl’s Zionist national project, we will also, at the same time, pay particular attention to the sagacious voices of Judaism that were raised against the material creation of a Jewish state with its own, now very aggressive, military. The voices of Jews who understand what Judaism is, and who actually follow the tenets of that Faith are seldom heard in this history, but their voices will be given space here. And their voices, as you will see, are very angry and full of outrage at the hijacking of their Faith by the Godless, militant zealots of this modern ideology known as Zionism.

To fully understand, however, the root causes of a socio-political ideology such as Zionism, it is also essential to understand some of the major historical events that form its backdrop so that the later, quasi-historical myths and tall tales, developed by the architects of Zionism for the manipulation of the Jewish people, can be seen in the light of modern historical research and archaeology. So even before we look at the founding document of Zionism and its ideas, we will take a fascinating and very revealing tour through the story of how the innocent, common folk of the Jewish masses have historically and consistently been made the scapegoats of suffering, which was usually brought upon them as a result of the stupidity, vanity, and arrogance of their leadership’s decisions to seek power through military conquest and rebellion against the superpowers of the ancient world. Within this history, the pattern just spoken of is evident, and it will be seen that the prophets from among the people, who were punished by the Jewish kings, warned their leaders, but always to no avail. The following history of bad leadership decisions will show that the path of violence, force, and intimidation has only brought great disaster upon the Jewish peoples, who have been oft betrayed and used by their political leadership throughout their history. Although the warnings of Isaiah and Jeremiah, and their calls for peace are of long ago, new Warners to the Jewish people not to repeat the follies of history are among us now, but, as is ‘par for the course’, the leadership is old, deaf, mindless, and without conscience. Read on and weep. Those who know and understand history cannot be fooled by the charlatans of the corporate media.