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The owner(s) and associates of condemn every form of racism and intolerance directed at anyone and believe that whatever role Zionists or the State of Israel may have played in the events of 9/11 does not reflect on Jewish people generally because the State of Israel and the Zionist movement are not bona-fide representatives of the world's Jewish people. 


LIHOP/MIHOP/ZIHOP: A continuum of progressively more damning claims as to the veracity of the established narrative of 9/11, that it was a surprise attack by "al Qaeda", allegedly a loose network of Islamic terrorists led by Osama bin Laden. 

LIHOP stands for Let It Happen On Purpose and suggests that the Bush administration knew that al Qaeda was planning an attack and let them carry out in order to advance their own agenda in response. 

MIHOP stands for Made It Happen On  Purpose which suggests that the Bush administration actually planned the attacks themselves and carried them out using al Qaeda or other assets. 

ZIHOP is not a literal acronym but refers to the suggestion that American and Israeli Zionists (supporters of the state of Israel--*not* Jews per se--in fact many are not Jewish, see also the definition for Zionist below) were the primary architects of the attacks as a manner of justifying even closer cooperation from America in promoting Israeli hegemony and promoting a global political alignment on the side of and in the model of Israel (brutal suppression of human rights in the name of 'security').  It is possible that Zionists had hoped to frame Palestinians for the attacks (as evidenced by the statement of an Israeli agent arrested in the U.S. on 9/11 to his arresting officer "We are not your problem, we are Israeli.  Your problem is our problem--the Palestinians are the problem") and that unwilling to either play along OR expose the truth, the Bush administration decided to blame Osama bin Laden and al Qaeda instead.

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