The Pentagon Attack: Why Was the Office of Naval Intelligence Targeted?

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Since the agreement within the Real 9/11 Truth Movement is virtually unanimous over the fact that the damage done to the Pentagon on 9/11 was not caused by the impact of a passenger airliner as per the official story, then it stands to reason that the damage was not the result of some random haphazard last-minute action, but rather carefully planned in advance. The well known "coincidence" over the fact that the section of the Pentagon that was "hit" just happened to be the section that was upgraded through the Pentagon Renovation Project "that was designed to withstand such an attack" would seem to support this conclusion (see WTCD Investigation: The Pentagon Renovation Project). The evidence obtained through key witnesses such as April Gallop and Barbara Honneger and others that relates to the number, types, and timing of explosions in the Pentagon that morning and the way it contradicts the official story, as well as the visual evidence in the form of photographs, have been helpful in piecing together this alternative scenario. If we accept the evidence that points clearly to carefully placed internal explosives (as was the case with the 3 WTC towers) along with the slight possibility of some additional damage done with some type of airborne missile/drone, the next question we must ask is, what reasoning was used to decide which part of the building to blow up and who to ‘take out’?

One of the most intriguing questions about that event involves examining the specific people that were killed or offices that were demolished in that part of the Pentagon, and why they might have been targeted or how they might be connected to or of interest to the perpetrators whom many of us are convinced include elements controlling the state of Israel (along with their partisans controlling key institutions within the US). To start with, here is an excerpt of a news article from the September 17th 2001 edition of Aviation Week Intelligence Review describing some of the damage:

[…] Vice Adm. Darb Ryan, chief of naval personnel, was in his office at the Navy Annex about halfway between Trapasso’s home and the Pentagon. Having learned that New York had been attacked, he was on the telephone recommending the evacuation of the Pentagon "when out of the corner of my eye I saw the airplane" a split second before it struck.

Ryan was overheard reporting some of the initial damage assessment, which included spaces belonging to the chief of naval operations (CNO), the Navy’s tactical command center on the D-ring, an operations cell and a Navy intelligence command center. These included up to four special, highly classified, electronically secure areas. Many of the enlisted sailors involved were communications technicians with cryptology training who are key personnel in intelligence gathering and analysis. Some personnel were known to be trapped alive in the wreckage.

OTHER NAVY PERSONNEL confirmed the admiral’s initial assessment and said the dead numbered around 190, 64 on the aircraft. Among them was Lt. Gen. Timothy Maude, who was in the Army support and logistics section. Many others were Navy captains, commanders and lieutenant commanders with offices between the fourth and fifth corridors (the western wedge of the Pentagon). The Navy’s special operations office, which oversees classified programs, had moved out of the spaces only a few days before. All but one of the senior Navy flag officers were out of the building. Vice Adm. Dennis McGinn, deputy CNO for warfare requirements and programs, was near the impact area but escaped without injury.

One of the aircraft’s engines [Edit: Yea, right...]somehow ricocheted out of the building and arched into the Pentagon’s mall parking area between the main building and the new loading dock facility, said Charles H. Krohn, the Army’s deputy chief of public affairs. Those fleeing the building heard a loud secondary explosion about 10 min. after the initial impact.

The E-ring floors above the tunnel dug by the aircraft [Edit: er, demolished by explosives?] collapsed, leaving a gap in the Pentagon’s outer wall perhaps 150 ft. wide. Fuel triggered an intense fire that caused the roof of the damaged E-ring section to give way at 10:10 a.m. It was still burning 18 hr. later. Fire fighting was hampered by reports that twice sent personnel fleeing the area. First, at around 11:28 a.m., a warning that "an aircraft is in the air" sent police, FBI and other security personnel to passages under I-395 that lead away from the Pentagon. They quickly returned, but at 11:34, shouted and radioed warnings of another possible explosion sent people running again. However, by 11:40 FBI teams had returned with brown paper bags and gloves to scour the Pentagon grounds for debris in an area bordered by Pentagon City, Arlington Cemetery and the Potomac River [Edit: Probably a cover story for the removal of evidence?].

F-16s from the District of Columbia Air National Guard periodically circled the Pentagon at altitudes low enough to frighten grade school teachers and students in nearby Alexandria. Later, the patrols were shifted to a higher altitude and continued through the night.

Confusion about what had happened, among the 20,000-24,000 employees leaving the Pentagon on foot in long lines, largely reflected where they were in the building when the aircraft struck. The Navy and Army spaces absorbed the damage. Navy officers not in the aircraft’s direct path reported heavy safes being flung across rooms and people thrown from their chairs. They variously identified major damage between the fourth and fifth or third and fourth corridors. No one knew the full extent of the damage. Air Force officers on the opposite side of the building heard or felt nothing until alarms went off. Even then, they thought it was a false fire alarm until orders were passed to evacuate the building.

So, the Office of Naval Intelligence seems to have been disproportionately targeted. Gretavo already mentioned the possible connection with the case of Jonathon Pollard, the Naval Intelligence civilian employee convicted of spying for Israel, whose pardon the Israeli lobby has been unsuccessful in obtaining. What other possible adversaries or connections might there be between Israel and ONI? What about those "four special, highly classified, electronically secure areas" belonging to the ONI? What was so special about them that they had to be ‘taken out’ along with many Navy "communications technicians with cryptology training"?

Let's not forget the fact that Two Israeli companies Amdocs and Comverse InfoSys, (now called Verint), manage just about every aspect of the US telephone system, as was reported by Fox News’ Carl Cameron in the four part series aired on Fox News in December 2001 exposing the massive Israeli spying operation prior to 9/11:

Amdocs is responsible for billing and records for almost all phone calls in the US. Cameron states: Amdocs has contracts with the 25 biggest phone companies in America, and more worldwide. The White House and other secure government phone lines are protected, but it is virtually impossible to make a call on normal phones without generating an Amdocs record of it.

In recent years, the FBI and other government agencies have investigated Amdocs more than once. The firm has repeatedly and adamantly denied any security breaches or wrongdoing. But sources tell Fox News that in 1999, the super secret National Security Agency, headquartered in northern Maryland, issued what's called a Top Secret sensitive compartmentalized information report, TS/SCI, warning that records of calls in the United States were getting into foreign hands in Israel, in particular.

Investigators don't believe calls are being listened to, but the data about who is calling whom and when is plenty valuable in itself. An internal Amdocs memo to senior company executives suggests just how Amdocs generated call records could be used. "Widespread data mining techniques and algorithms.... combining both the properties of the customer (e.g., credit rating) and properties of the specific ‘behavior….’" Specific behavior, such as who the customers are calling.

[...] Every time you make a call, it passes through the nation's elaborate network of switchers and routers run by the phone companies. Custom computers and software, made by companies like Comverse, are tied into that network to intercept, record and store the wiretapped calls, and at the same time transmit them to investigators.

The manufacturers have continuing access to the computers so they can service them and keep them free of glitches. This process was authorized by the 1994 Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act, or CALEA. Senior government officials have now told Fox News that while CALEA made wiretapping easier, it has led to a system that is seriously vulnerable to compromise, and may have undermined the whole wiretapping system.

Indeed, Fox News has learned that Attorney General John Ashcroft and FBI Director Robert Mueller were both warned Oct. 18 in a hand-delivered letter from 15 local, state and federal law enforcement officials, who complained that "law enforcement's current electronic surveillance capabilities are less effective today than they were at the time CALEA was enacted."

Comverse insists the equipment it installs is secure. But the complaint about this system is that the wiretap computer programs made by Comverse have, in effect, a back door through which wiretaps themselves can be intercepted by unauthorized parties.

Adding to the suspicions is the fact that in Israel, Comverse works closely with the Israeli government, and under special programs, gets reimbursed for up to 50 percent of its research and development costs by the Israeli Ministry of Industry and Trade. But investigators within the DEA, INS and FBI have all told Fox News that to pursue or even suggest Israeli spying through Comverse is considered career suicide.

Were these "electronically secure areas" of the ONI out of reach of these Israeli communications control and spying tentacles, and therefore serving an adversarial role from the Mossad's perspective? Or, were some of these ONI Communications Technicians and cryptographers exposing clandestine Israeli activities that the Israelis could not allow to be exposed?

These are just some initial questions that come to mind. I'm sure we can come up with other possibilities as we investigate this angle further. But it seems to me that if we can identify the specific targets of the potential perpetrators along with possible motives for choosing those targets, that can help us to connect the dots to uncover the full truth behind 9/11 and find the actual perpetrators.