North of the Citgo Approach = Flyover (Pentagon)

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Greetings wtcdemoliton members!

Thanks for all the support you have offered CIT in the past.

I noticed how a few of you are reticent to accept the fact that a north of the gas station approach proves a flyover so I figured I'd drop by to discuss this with you directly.

It is a scientific fact agreed upon by all supporters AND detractors of CIT who have published anything on this issue that the plane on the north side approach is irreconcilable with all physical damage.

Please use this important detailed FAQ page on our site as your main reference to explain to people exactly WHY the plane can not hit from the north side:

This is why we have been so "strident" in this regard ever since we first obtained the witness accounts from the Citgo station and released The PentaCon in early 2007.

There simply is no other logical alternative without introducing exotic weaponry to somehow "disappear" the plane.

As most of you are likely aware, we have continued to validate the north side approach with several more witnesses and have received ultimate confirmation of the plane flying away from Pentagon police officer Roosevelt Roberts Jr as well as a firsthand account from Arlington Cemetery employee Erik Dihle that the first thing people reported immediately after the explosion was that "a bomb hit the Pentagon and that a jet kept on going".

To doubt that Roosevelt Roberts and the statement by Erik Dihle is the ultimate confirmation of a flyover despite the overwhelming evidence for a north side approach would be similar to doubting verified corroboration from witnesses who saw bombs being planted in the WTC7 despite all the evidence we have for controlled demo. (even worse since it's basically impossible to mistake a big plane flying away just above the light poles and Roosevelt is on record stating this in 2001 only weeks after the event)

But we do not need Roosevelt Roberts and Erik Dihle to prove a flyover just like we do not need witnesses to bombs being planted at the WTC to prove controlled demo.

Despite what people like Jon Gold say, we should NOT shy away from the FACT that physics and science 100% PROVE controlled demo of the WTC.

The situation is just as definitive regarding the implications of the undeniable evidence for a north side approach.

If anyone here doubts this would you please explain why?

Craig Ranke
Citizen Investigation Team