"Core of Corruption": New 9/11 Documentary Corrupts the Core of 9/11 Truth With LIHOP

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This is an interesting film if only because it seems oblivious to its intrinsic contradiction. It begins with a long discussion of a LIHOP scenario and features LIHOPper extraordinaire Sander Hicks talking about how the U.S. government was protecting the "9/11 hijackers" - not "alleged hijackers" of course, because Sander Hicks, Jon Gold, and others who claim to be interested in the truth about 9/11 seem to believe that arabs and muslims are guilty until proven innocent.

Later in the movie the demolitions are discussed, with a seeming focus on WTC7. Also included, which at first was somewhat surprising, was the story of the "dancing Israelis" - but of course it is predictably in the context of the allegation that Israel was dutifully tracking the terrorists in the U.S.

The Spring 2009 LIHOP Offensive continues!

Core of Corruption now on Google Video


Link to YouTube trailer where comments can (and should!) be left: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9SbSqe9Me_c