U.S. Taxpayers Forced to Fork Over Another $30 Billion to Major 9/11 Conspirator

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What a country! I heard on the radio today that Israel’s personal [Jesus Christ,Laz, blatantly racist imagery much? Slur deleted -- c455] U.S. puppet-president, Barky Obamanation, is giving another $30 billion (on top of the already doled out $150 billion) in taxpayer money to Maurice Greenberg’s AIG. Maurice Greenberg, as you will remember, is also a majority owner, along with Julius Kroll, of the world’s largest private security and intelligence agency, Kroll Inc. This same company happened to have handled all property security for the World Trade Center complex and assisted the Israeli demolition experts working for Dominick Suter’s Urban Moving Systems in the wiring of WTC 1, WTC 2, and WTC 7 for the big event on 9/11/01. But instead of Greenberg and his associates being hung for mass murder and high treason against the American Republic, the U.S. taxpayer has to actually hand over to this [Another slur that you KNOW is loaded with judaeophobic connotations. Are you trying to make us look like a bunch of racist pigs? -- c455] $180 BILLION DOLLARS of their hard-earned money, acquired through honest work and gainful employment.

You have to hand it to these folks like Greenberg, Silverstein, Madoff, et al., they are the greatest liars and con-artists in the entire history of human civilization, of which there aren’t too many years left. First they viciously attack your country and then they want you to give them, not only all of your money, but your great grandkids’ future earnings as well. Such a fkn deal...

When Americans finally do wake up and realize what has happened, boy are they gonna be super pissed off.