10%ers, Exponential Growth, and the "coming out" process OR Is 9/11 Truth the New Gay?

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I know the title sounds queer--not that there's anything wrong with sounding queer, mind you--but think about it. We're often told we are guilty as truthers of inflating our numbers. Well suppose the relatively conservative Scripps Howard/Ohio Univeristy poll that found (whether it is dsinfo or not) 36% or so Americans doubting the official story is a gross overestimate and the real figure was closer to ten percent.

That would make truthing on par with homosexuality -- 10% of the population in other words who are "out" to some people and not to others, and others who are out to everyone. The difference is that the 90% believers in the OCT will actually appear to each other to be spreading a communicable disease and witch hunts could ensue.

Anyway in the case of gay activism, the meaning of pride is to be proud and open about what you are--i.e. don't be ashamed or frightened--tell the world!

Should we as truthers not be publicizing a campaign for some kind of national coming out day? Like, I dunno, in early September when everyone is just settling down to work after a summer's worth of hollywood flicks? You don't launch a new product at the end of August after all!

It would be a national coming out day for skeptics of the official story. Basically we have demos in public everywhere calling for people to come out of the closet as truthers. Hey, we know gay people at least will naturally be drawn to the message, and the chatter will begin all over as people resolve to put that first pin on their backpack or bumper sticker on their car after seeing other people with them.


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