Anti-Arab and Muslim Racism Running Rampant 911Blogger

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As incredible as it may seem to those of us who know as a virulently anti-9/11Truth website, one of 911Blogger's anonymous racists has posted the following as "proof" that Palestinians did indeed celebrate the 9/11 attacks:

(Palestinians shown

(Palestinians shown "celebrating" the attacks on 911 on National Television when viewers were most vulnerable; celebration was filmed months earlier; luckily the footage was ready to roll on 911; in truth, Palestinians didn't celebrate...)

this is simply not true. the celebrations happened.

Let's not mince words here--the people posting this trash at 9/11 Blogger and the admins who support the promotion of bogus anti-arab and anti-muslim hate speech and libels are guilty of exactly that which we hold the Nazis accountable for--fomenting racial and ethnic hatred in pursuit of a political agenda.

Let it be known that those of us who are genuine, honest, and real truthseekers will not hesitate to bring up these facts now and when the public is finally aware of the full truth.  Being a fake truther is not fooling anyone anymore and those who can be identified will be held accountable for their role in the cover-up of these crimes against humanity.  The entire world and especially the arab and muslim world will be told exactly what has been going on in some so-called and self-ordained 9/11 truth circles.  There is no difference between those who pepretrated these atrocities and those who are working to continue to frame an entire people for them.