Happy Independence Declaration Day Everyone!

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So yeah, shock and awe. OK. Uhhh, yep. Shocked. Awed. Moving on.

No offense to anyone here, but I feel like I've suddenly been put in charge of a refugee camp what with the civil war over at 911B over censorship turning hot all of a sudden.

What doesn't kill us makes us stronger right? There's a touch of grey in every silver lining, and you have to break some eggs to make an omlette. Does anyone else have any banal platitudes to help fortify our spirits at this juncture, or should we just all take advantage of the numerous drunken BBQs taking place across our great troubled nation today, get hammered and come back with a fresh set of beer goggles?

Seriosuly though, let's try to keep things in perspective. For many of us 911bloger was a haven of sanity in a mad world and now change is threatening to undermine our confidence in ourselves and our collective movement. But what have we really lost?

We are more numerous than ever. The shakedown at 911B can be seen as an indicator of how effective we've been--regardless of who you agree with, who you think is an arse, we are somehow doing what we set out to do which is to bring the issues around 9/11 to a critical mass of the public so as to create a reality that the opinion-manipulators in the media and the gatekeepers of civil society (the corrupt politicians) will have to deal with. This is real reality and that's why it will no doubt seem a bit foreign to even the most "awake" among us.

Let's turn this negative energy right around and hurl it (back?) at the perps and their apologists. If it doesn't destroy us, if we are able to pull off this one last judo jedi maneuver and send the massive ball of dissonance straight back at the official story I dare say that there is not a mini nuke or directed energy beam from space that could match its destructive capabilities against the official lies.

Remember the song 99 red balloons? "This is what we've waited for, this is it boys, this is war!"

In for a penny in for a pound, and we're still all here. I recommend getting out there with a sign and some flyers, or even just going online--not just to converse with the converted but to seek out those who are busy guarding the mainstream consciousness. Let's hit them with an onslaught of truth--let's turn what so many see as a liability--the diversity that makes us so often focus on our disagreements--into a strength. Nothing unites quite so effectively as a common enem--er... goal. And our goal right now, whatever our views, should be making sure that any American who doesn't yet know the danger we are in from another false flag attack understands it, and quick.

When efforts are made to divide people, they must be maintained or they risk having the opposite effect. Believe it or not, the fact that we seem to be a dysfunctional movement may prove to be our saving grace--how we proceed from here is up to each and every one of us.

Stay strong, know that you are part of something much greater than any one of us, and above all remember the love. It sounds corny but try it. There's a reason that I've never quite abandoned my christian upbringing, and it is the suspicion that behind all the myth and the shlock there is a truly powerful message that is not unique, but in fact so universal that the elites have always needed to co-opt and corrupt it.

And that is love, the glue that keeps our souls together when everything else about us is conspiring to tear them apart. No one can tear apart this movement, and everyone who is sincerely in it for the right reasons knows this instinctively I think. We did not create it--it created us.

And here we are now, not much worse for wear.

Where's Left Wright when you need someone to say "I love you all" and sound like they really mean it? Anyway I do--every last one of you crazy kids. I have never in my life felt less alone--I hope you feel the same.

Happy fourth. Now go roast some meat and drink some booze. We'll rendezvous over black coffee and aspirin later. :)

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"I've suddenly been put in charge of a refugee camp"

LOL. Wasn't shocked by what's happened at 911b, I've seen it coming for a while. The truth was drowning out the shills lame LIHOP detractions, easily enough solved - censorship, works every time. I am a little in awe of the impudence displayed by the resident thought police though.

Anyway, just think of it as evolution, this is just the next stage.

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The 9/11 Truth Censors Live

I posted this at 9/11B and it will most definitely not go up there, so I thought I would post it here as an early written remnant of the 9/11 Truth free speech wars. Happy July 4th.

You have now entered the 9/11 Outer Limits.

Do not adjust your TV set.

We control the vertical and we control the horizontal.

They Live! We Sleep.

I woke up this July 4th morning and found out that, like the revolutionaries who founded America, we now have to fight again for freedom of speech in defense of the nation. It is a sad July 4th, knowing that even 9/11 Blogger has been infected with the censorship virus. I guess it was just a matter of time. Everything that is good and true eventually gets co-opted and ruined by people who decide it is safer to play ball with "the Man." In the name of "protecting the kids," or shutting down the occasional flame war, or hiding differences of opinion or information that may be a little too close to the bone, censorship of comments is seen as the solution. Like gerbils who keep trying to get to the cheese and keep getting shocked over and over, censors always think they can suppress information, but they always end up failing and getting shocked in the end like the little gerbils in the cage.

In a totalitarian society the majority will express their opinions on something and then the "Fearless Leaders" will tell the majority to "go fuck themselves." This is also known as the Bush Doctrine. It is not surprising then that the intelligence agencies who have now co-opted this site would want to install the same type of totalitarian methods here at a site that seeks to bring their con games to a screeching halt.

Censorship will not work. Building walls will not work. Shutting up 9/11 Blogger also will not work. The truth is out of the bag and there is nothing you government agents can do to stop your criminal bosses from being exposed and rounded up. You have already lost and now we just laugh at you like we laugh at FOX and CNN. I bet you could make a lot of money selling this site to Rupert Murdoch. Good luck with your little censorship circus. You will not win. That is a guarantee.

Lazlo Toth

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Welcome, Lazlo! Well said!

I was wondering when I'd see you show up here. Glad to have you and your articulate, informative prose on the side of real truth with us all! Thanks for posting that comment here since we can be sure that hell would sooner freeze over then the censors over at 911b allowing it through the ministry of truth filters there.

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Hey Keenan

It is great to see you here along with your truthfully provocative politico-graphic masterpiece of a flag. When I saw you post that over at the Jon Gold Ministry of Truth, I thought wow, the moderators there were surely going to flip out and take it down. I have been working countless hours lately on pulling this humungaloid research project together, so I have not been on the web too much lately. I have had to tell myself - Get off the web and concentrate on the research. My research project is going spectacularly. Many amazing things have been found. They probably shut down 9/11 Blogger just in time. Their mission, like that of the MSM and Left-wing Gatekeepers, may very well turn out to be the old "protect Israel at all costs." "We must always divert all articles and comments toward the Pakistani-al-CIA-da back-story. If the American public comes to realize that the biggest attack on American soil in its history involved Israel, well then that would be really, really bad for the public relations image that Israel has spent so much money crafting.

Anyways, I have been checking things out here, and am glad to see all my real truth info buddies over here like Casseia, RT, Kate of the Kiosk, et al. Perhaps Chris will show up with the next boatload of refugees. I would rather hang with fearless, independent thinkers anyways. You folks over here have real cajones and I salute you. The brave and courageous have to stand right in the path of the shit storm, holding their middle fingers high, declaring loudly to the Brain Police -- We will not sit down. We will not be silenced and we will not go away.

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hear, hear!

Thanks so much for the effort you are putting into this research about the WHO and WHY behind 9/11 that has not received as much focus in the movement as it deserves (and for very good reason). Yes, "They probably shut down 9/11 Blogger just in time", but you can be sure that you nevertheless already made a huge difference on that forum and educated countless people in the short time it was possible to do that.

Thanks for your compliments on the flag artwork. Here is a large high resolution image of the flag for anybody who wants to download it:

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Welcome Lazio!

So you're annoymouse? You've been here all along! I was hoping that you'd drift over and wondering what happened to you. I really want to read your treatise when you finish, and was afraid that with all the changes at 911b, I'd never find you to get you to send me the materials.

Anyway, I read some of your posts today (or whenever they were posted) and thought, damn, I cannot believe ol' Rep let them in. You went head to head with the LIHOP crowd and did yourself proud.

I didn't even bother trying to post when I read about the censorship. JG is so utterly transparent. RT and the others here have nailed him and his disingenuous posts. I'm just glad that most of the good ones have made it over here.


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Hey E

So great to see you over at the new 9/11 Blogger. Anyone who posts comments over here and does not have their account set up yet will be logged on as Anonymouse. My account here is still being approved (only applied for it this morning), so that is why I am showing up, like others, as Anonymouse. I have my own avatar,but am waiting for account approval. I guess RT went camping and drinking. Good for him. I am just feeling a bit depressed on this foggy, rainy 4th. Celebrate freedom and America by watching 9/11 Blogger go Stalinist. Jeez...

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you are not alone!

Hi Lazio,
I find it difficult to celebrate the holiday at all when our country is in the state it's in, and when we are doing to others around the world what we are doing. So it's depressing to think that people did all those traditional things today -- picnics, barbeques, parades, fireworks. The fireworks, which I can hear off in the distance as I write, are especially grating. I think people forget that they are meant to represent bombs.

p.s. Silly me...I thought that "annoymouse" was one person!

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fools Gold

I dont think dz was willing to take the step to censorship so he got the fuck out and rep and his brother fools Gold decieded to make it the communist 911 blogger site

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Where can I get Bruce's pdf flyers?

I'm thinking about doing some activism today, this Independence Declaration Day, something along the lines of "Take our Country Back!". I heard that Bruce had some great pdf flyers. Anybody know where I can get them?

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Sure do:

happiness is either here or nowhere

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just printed out 1-8 in English!

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Great! :)

Should anyone find fault with anything on them, or have suggestions for improving them, tell me -- bytes are patient.
happiness is either here or nowhere

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Now I'm upset.

My moderated comment, submitted more than 14 hours ago, was not posted. I'm aghast. Because I am not quite the hard-boiled cynic that some here are, I was reserving some judgment about the goings-on over there -- oh maybe Reprehensor just thought this would be better and now he's going to see he was wrong, probably not actually an attempt to destroy blogger, etc.

They did not post my fucking comment. Hell hath no fury like a casseia scorned.

Now I'm off to have coffee with Colonel Jenny.

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hes clearly being selective

hes clearly being selective and has an agenda. i responded to imgstacke and it was not confrontational and was actually a sort of final goodbye to friends and foes alike there but lord Reprehensor saw something wrong with it apparently. suddenly its not such a surprise to me that he would rarely talk to any of us. does anybody here know anything about the guy? if hes going to pull some shit like this i dont see the problem with trying to know more about him. he just ruined a great resource.

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Getting to Know Darth Reprehensor


youtube profile

blogs at dailykos

amazon profile

I have another name for him -- I hesitate to say that it's his "real name" because it's basically hitless when googled.

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9/11 Truth On GNN

Damn, didn't even realize that I had followed Reprehensor for a long time on GNN. Is GNN A Psyop? I was lucky to be a part of a sweet little investigation into the guys that run and b roll GNN.

You can read it here, very interesting.


The guy used to work for the State Department in Palestine. Was 'recruited' when he was in Jeruselem...but he can't remember who recruited him to help the USIA. That was Lappe'...who later said in an interview about it that the Popular Mechanics article on debunking 9/11 was a valuable read!

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I guess Rep didn't like the GNN Psyop

Funny, according to this poster of 9/11blogger, Reprehensor left GNN because of our little GNN IS A PSYOP investigation..


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mi madre

is an ardent bush cheerleader. 'what about the pardon for scooter libby?' he's an honest, good american.' ummm, what about that novel he wrote where bears rape young japanese girls? 'i don't believe it. prove it.' i proved it, and she now knows the mossad blew up the towers!!!