Happy Independence Declaration Day Everyone!

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So yeah, shock and awe. OK. Uhhh, yep. Shocked. Awed. Moving on.

No offense to anyone here, but I feel like I've suddenly been put in charge of a refugee camp what with the civil war over at 911B over censorship turning hot all of a sudden.

What doesn't kill us makes us stronger right? There's a touch of grey in every silver lining, and you have to break some eggs to make an omlette. Does anyone else have any banal platitudes to help fortify our spirits at this juncture, or should we just all take advantage of the numerous drunken BBQs taking place across our great troubled nation today, get hammered and come back with a fresh set of beer goggles?

Seriosuly though, let's try to keep things in perspective. For many of us 911bloger was a haven of sanity in a mad world and now change is threatening to undermine our confidence in ourselves and our collective movement. But what have we really lost?

We are more numerous than ever. The shakedown at 911B can be seen as an indicator of how effective we've been--regardless of who you agree with, who you think is an arse, we are somehow doing what we set out to do which is to bring the issues around 9/11 to a critical mass of the public so as to create a reality that the opinion-manipulators in the media and the gatekeepers of civil society (the corrupt politicians) will have to deal with. This is real reality and that's why it will no doubt seem a bit foreign to even the most "awake" among us.

Let's turn this negative energy right around and hurl it (back?) at the perps and their apologists. If it doesn't destroy us, if we are able to pull off this one last judo jedi maneuver and send the massive ball of dissonance straight back at the official story I dare say that there is not a mini nuke or directed energy beam from space that could match its destructive capabilities against the official lies.

Remember the song 99 red balloons? "This is what we've waited for, this is it boys, this is war!"

In for a penny in for a pound, and we're still all here. I recommend getting out there with a sign and some flyers, or even just going online--not just to converse with the converted but to seek out those who are busy guarding the mainstream consciousness. Let's hit them with an onslaught of truth--let's turn what so many see as a liability--the diversity that makes us so often focus on our disagreements--into a strength. Nothing unites quite so effectively as a common enem--er... goal. And our goal right now, whatever our views, should be making sure that any American who doesn't yet know the danger we are in from another false flag attack understands it, and quick.

When efforts are made to divide people, they must be maintained or they risk having the opposite effect. Believe it or not, the fact that we seem to be a dysfunctional movement may prove to be our saving grace--how we proceed from here is up to each and every one of us.

Stay strong, know that you are part of something much greater than any one of us, and above all remember the love. It sounds corny but try it. There's a reason that I've never quite abandoned my christian upbringing, and it is the suspicion that behind all the myth and the shlock there is a truly powerful message that is not unique, but in fact so universal that the elites have always needed to co-opt and corrupt it.

And that is love, the glue that keeps our souls together when everything else about us is conspiring to tear them apart. No one can tear apart this movement, and everyone who is sincerely in it for the right reasons knows this instinctively I think. We did not create it--it created us.

And here we are now, not much worse for wear.

Where's Left Wright when you need someone to say "I love you all" and sound like they really mean it? Anyway I do--every last one of you crazy kids. I have never in my life felt less alone--I hope you feel the same.

Happy fourth. Now go roast some meat and drink some booze. We'll rendezvous over black coffee and aspirin later. :)