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Terrorist Moussaoui Agrees With ME

Not, in other words, with the Saudi-loving operators of this website. How can anyone still deny that we were attacked by evil (Saudi) Arabs on 9/11? This is a powerful confession that blows ridiculous controlled demolition theories out of the water and shows conclusively that Arab hijackers, not Zionist leaseholders, destroyed the twin towers.

9/11 terrorist Zacarias Moussaoui claims Saudi involvement
By Kristina Sgueglia and Deborah Feyerick, CNN
updated 7:45 AM EST, Tue November 18, 2014

Terrorist: Saudis tried to kill Clintons

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Crypto-Truther and Anti-Semite Seth MacFarlane EXPOSED

The JDF speaks the TRUTH.     


 The Arty Semite


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[SATIRE] More Truth About Pakistan and Saudi Arabia From Our Indian Friends

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Latest Find by the 9/11 Accountability Research Think Tank Nails Patsystan

By far the best 9/11 truth group EVER!! https://www.facebook.com/groups/2540075712/

Officials: Bin Laden Had Pakistani Help—Not Necessarily Musharraf’s
Statements by the terror leader’s widow suggest members of Pakistan’s national security apparatus helped bin Laden stay hidden after 2001—but do not prove former President Musharraf’s complicity, sources tell Eli Lake.
by Eli Lake | April 2, 2012 4:45 AM EDT

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Alleged Victim Family Members Take on the Kingdom

Ahhh, my LIHOP plans are coming to fruition. By placing the families on a pedestal I have (pretty much single-handedly)ensured that the truth movement will see this as a victory over the REAL perpetrators of 9/11. The Saudis!

A Statement by the 9/11 Families United to Bankrupt Terrorism

By 9/11 Families United to Bankrupt Terrorism

Posted: 10:50am on Mar 1, 2012; Modified: 10:55am on Mar 1, 2012

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My Big Fat List of Useless Facts

1. In 1943, Philip Morris ran an ad acknowledging
“smokers’ cough.” They claimed it was caused by smoking brands other
than Philip Morris.

2. In the 1970s, Mattel sold a doll called “Growing Up Skipper.” Her breasts grew when her arm was turned.

3. Michael Jackson’s 1988 autobiography Moonwalk was edited by Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis.

4. On the 2001 New Zealand census, 53,715 people listed their religion as “Jedi.”

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New Book by Slain Pakistani Reporter Tells ALL (SATIRE)

It's all starting to come together and make sense.  The ISI has a lot of explaining to do!  They wouldn't have murdered Shahzad if what he said wasn't true.

Slain Pakistan's journalist's Mumbai attack theories from beyond the grave

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9/11 Families Discover IRAN Behind 9/11 Attacks!

Oh ho ho, jimd3000!

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The Religious Left Goes Truthing - American Spectator

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There is no question that 9/11 is ALL ABOUT Muslim terrorists and the criminal BUSH/CHENEY OIL CABAL. 

Infiltration: How Muslim Spies and Subversives have Penetrated Washington 

By Paul Sperry

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What is this awful new homepage??


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Help Please My Head Hurts

I'm having a really hard time wrapping my brain around this site:


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911truth.org Promoting No-Plane Batshit Crazy Theories to Discredit My--er the Movement

I am SO fat and angry about this. All my work building bridges and straining them to the breaking point and the pos's at this new SITE THAT SHALL NOT BE NAMED go and promote this no planes moonbattery by crypto-nazi David Ray Griffin. This is NOT the no planes jews did it controlled demolition movement!! I am quitting the movement.

Wednesday, April 21 2010 - In the Media
The IRD's Attack on My ''Silly'' 9/11 Theories

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9/11 Victim's Family Profile of the Month: Rachel "Uchi-Coochie" Uchitel

She deserves our support!

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9/11 Families Demand Military Trials for Gitmo Detainees

If the families want military tribunals then that's what I want.  No point in giving the confessed mastermind of 9/11 a fair trial!  Now, if the families are ignored, god forbid, I hope Judge Hellerstein throws the book at these Qaeda scum!

9/11 Families Demand Military Trials for Gitmo Detainees - FOXNews

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My Big List of Facts

I've been refining this, pouring every ounce of my soul [8473 oz. to be precise -gReT] into it and I think it's time for people to compliment me for all my work.

The Facts Prove Bush Did 9/11!

#1 Bush was the president on 9/11.
#2 Al Qaeda told Condoleeza Rice they were going to conduct an Attack on America.
#3 Arab Muslim terrorists known to be working for al Qaeda hijacked four planes on 9/11 and flew them into buildings and the ground.
#4 Cheney told NORAD not to shoot down any of the hijacked planes--Norman Mineta heard him say this.

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Sibel Edmonds: Jews Control the Media

I... I... I don't know what to say--I feel so dirty and betrayed! How could you Sibel? I know that when you say "Israel-driven" you really mean DA JOOOOOZ. I mean, that list of organizations at the beginning--you're not even hiding behind the word ZIONIST! And now the mainstream media is covering your story, so clearly what you're saying is no longer dangerous because otherwise they would be ignoring it. I'm just an average Joe schmoe and I'm SOOOO confused!

Sunlight Foundation’s Exposé of the Turkish Lobby


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Action ALERT: CIT No-Plane Hoax Video Damaging Movement on YouTube!!

I am SERIOUSLY warning everyone that I am going to QUIT the movement if people don't do something about this! CIT's new movie "National Security Alert" has been viewed 45,000 times in two weeks just on YouTube, and the no plane hoax disinfo cult has manipulated the ratings to make it look like it has over 800 ratings averaging 5 out of 5 stars. This is going to do IMMEASURABLE damage to my movement. The families of those killed aboard AA77 deserve BETTER!


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Eat Your Hearts Out - Lyndon LaRouche Agrees With ME!


+++ 16. Juli 2009 +++
More Evidence of Saudi Intelligence Role in 9/11 Attacks

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I tolja! I tolja! The real threat IS Pakistan!!

The reality is that while the Bush administration was bogged down in Iraq and being played by Pervez Musharraf, the likelihood of Qaeda gaining access to nuclear weapons in a Taliban-saturated Pakistan was increasing by the day. We know that in the month before 9/11, bin Laden and al-Zawahri met with the Pakistani nuclear scientist Sultan Bashiruddin Mahmood. That was the real link between 9/11 and nuclear terror that the Bush administration let metastasize while it squandered American resources on a fictional link between 9/11 and a “nuclear” Saddam.

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