White House blocks CNN, New York Times, Politico from press briefing

2 hours 27 min ago
Spicer says decision stems from desire to 'expand the press pool' to add more outlets, including those more supportive of Trump.

Palestinians hurl shoes 'at Trump's face' as they protest symbol of Israeli occupation

3 hours 30 min ago
'We disrespect this president who does not see us as equal human beings with everyone,' organizers of Hebron protest say.

Israeli politicians slam UN for criticizing extrajudicial killing: 'Council of terrorists' rights'

4 hours 39 min ago
UN human rights office said that 18-month sentence handed down to Israeli soldier convicted of killing a prone Palestinian assailant was 'excessively lenient.'

Trump at CPAC: Media shouldn't be allowed to use unnamed sources

5 hours 16 min ago
Trump rips into media and so-called 'fake news' in fiery speech to annual conservative conference.

How Jewish artists reclaimed Jesus as their own

6 hours 20 min ago
Though Jesus has traditionally been a taboo subject among observant Jews, he has served as a common theme for modern Jewish painters and writers. Now the Israel Museum is devoting an exhibition to portraying the way local artists have engaged in dialogue with 'that person'.

Israel backtracks on Human Rights Watch: Willing to reexamine work visa request

7 hours 59 min ago
Flip flop follows orders from Netanyahu, source says; investigator's work visa request was initially denied 'due the NGO's extreme, hostile and anti-Israel agenda.'

Far from Brooklyn, Kurdish hipsters declare war on poor dress sense

10 hours 8 min ago
Erbil gentlemen's club looks to improve the sense of style in Kurdish capital of war-torn country.

UN Human Rights Office: Sentence handed to Hebron shooter is 'unacceptable'

10 hours 30 min ago
'This case risks undermining confidence in the justice system and reinforcing the culture of impunity,' spokeswoman says.

How Israel could benefit from Russia's control of the Assad alliance

11 hours 18 min ago
Israel and Hezbollah are usually only two mistakes away from a war. But a potential mediator has come on the scene.

A Palestinian was standing still at a checkpoint. Why did Israeli troops shoot him dead?

12 hours 47 min ago
A video shows that Nidal Mahdawi, a mentally unstable Palestinian on his way to visit his wife and kids in Israel, could have been arrested without being shot.

Sheldon Adelson: Trump will be 'the best president ever' for Israel

13 hours 28 min ago
Adelson's remarks were made during a dinner party attended by top donors of the Republican Jewish Coalition, CNN reports.

Why Breaking the Silence?

15 hours 20 min ago
A place where breaking the silence is illegitimate - is not a democracy.

Israel vows no more visas to Human Rights Watch after years of activity

17 hours 3 min ago
International NGO with operations in 90 countries is 'serving Palestinian propaganda,' Foreign Ministry says; governments never like what we publish, but they let us act, HRW official says.

White House reportedly pressed FBI to debunk reports on Trump aides' ties to Russia

21 hours 37 min ago
FBI director Comey refused request, which appears to violate procedures limiting communications between White House and FBI on ongoing investigations.

In first, Trump says he 'likes' two-state solution for Israeli-Palestinian conflict

Thu, 2017-02-23 23:26
Trump voices preference for two-state solution in Reuters interview, but adds: I ultimately like what the both parties like.

U.S. Jewish groups slam Trump's rollback of Obama-era transgender policy

Thu, 2017-02-23 23:02
The National Council of Jewish Women says it's 'disgusted by this betrayal' after Trump scraps measures allowing trans students to use bathrooms based on their gender identity.

Netanyahu's jaunt Down Under and colonial ties that bind

Thu, 2017-02-23 22:28
If Israel was America, protesters would await Netanyahu at the airport holding signs with the letters BLM inscribed on them: Bedouin Lives Matter.

Who really started the 1948 war and when

Thu, 2017-02-23 21:06
Relatively few Arabs remained within Israel’s post-1948 borders, but the fact that no Jews remained in the territories conquered by the Arabs has been forgotten.

Netanyahu graft affair: Israel Police wanted to question Kerry and ex-U.S. envoy but were blocked by AG

Thu, 2017-02-23 19:24
Questioning former Obama officials on Netanyahu's relationship with Hollywood tycoon Arnon Milchan was too sensitive, Avichai Mendelblit told Justice Ministry.

Police recommend criminal charges against Netanyahu's former Chief of Staff Ari Harow

Thu, 2017-02-23 19:09
Evidence supports suspicion that the sale of U.S.-born Harow's firm, before returning to the Prime Minister's Office, was fictitious.