#MeToo, in Israel: Harassment of women prevalent in local film and TV industry

1 hour 29 min ago
'We don’t have those kind of all-powerful producers here who can make or break your career,' said one director, referring to Harvey Weinstein. 'But you don’t need to have that much power in order to assault'

Haaretz Cartoon

1 hour 49 min ago

Will Israel’s airlines survive the arrival of low-cost carriers?

Tue, 2017-10-17 23:57
With discount competitors such as Ryanair and Wizz Air likely to open base of operations in Israel in the future, local airlines may face the same fate as that of Italy's Alitilia that recently went bankrupt

Israel's Delek Group mulling $280M sale of royalties from Tamar offshore gas field

Tue, 2017-10-17 23:57
Delek Group faces a government deadline to divest its 31.25% stake in Tamar by 2020 as part of regulation in place to dismantle Israel's gas cartel

Israeli Labor Party leader: The new Likudnik

Tue, 2017-10-17 23:38
Labor party members, like their colleagues in the left-wing camp, deserve a leader who will show loyalty to their basic values, not Likud's

The Palestinian right of return, not such a complicated issue

Tue, 2017-10-17 22:36
Today, the Arab refugees number six million. Would all of them actually want to return to Israel if given the chance?

Israel's chief pathologist: State prosecutor misled court in controversial murder trial

Tue, 2017-10-17 21:48
Roman Zadorov, convicted of 2006 murder of 13-year-old, claims he is innocent and is fighting for a retrial

Israeli men report lower cancer figures than women

Tue, 2017-10-17 21:27
Cancer remains Israel’s no. 1 cause of death, and the battle against it continues on all fronts: public information campaigns, examinations, efforts to encourage a healthier lifestyle and medical research

Gabbay may not want them, but would Arab Knesset members have joined a Labor government?

Tue, 2017-10-17 21:02
The party that represents the Arab public, which constitutes 21 percent of the Israeli population, has no interest in being a member of any government

Breaking up West Bank families: An unseen Israeli policy

Tue, 2017-10-17 20:56
What happened that caused the Israeli apparatus of control to once again make use of their license to abuse mixed couples?

Neo-Nazi quits movement after revealing he’s gay — and part Jewish

Tue, 2017-10-17 20:45
A prominent British white supremacist has announced that he is renouncing his extremism and is coming out of the closet as a gay man with Jewish ancestry

The Israeli left wanted someone a little different. They got him

Tue, 2017-10-17 19:50
Avi Gabbay’s straying toward the soft right is an obvious move. In recent decades, being on the left in Israel does not bring power

Scaramucci apologizes for poll asking how many Jews were killed in Holocaust

Tue, 2017-10-17 19:44
The former White House staffer says 'The Scaramucci Post' poll was published while he was abroad: 'It will never happen again'

Fall of ISIS capital: The caliphate is gone, but the franchise will live on

Tue, 2017-10-17 19:38
Islamic State will continue to thrive, even without territory, as long as the anarchy and resentment that nourished it continues

Federal judge blocks Trump's latest travel ban

Tue, 2017-10-17 19:03
The ban, which targeted Iran, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Somalia, Chad, North Korea and Venezuela 'suffers from precisely the same maladies as its predecessor'

Israel expands authorized fishing area for Gazans until December

Tue, 2017-10-17 18:35
Increasing the range for Palestinian fishermen from six to nine nautical miles for the second consecutive year for the season, Israel hopes to repeat profits increase for Gaza

Raqqa from above: Liberated ISIS capital is a city in ruins

Tue, 2017-10-17 18:24
U.S.-backed troops search Raqqa for booby traps, land mines and sleeper cells, remnants of Islamic State's devastating rule that destroyed much of the city

Palestinian president: Israeli opposition will not stand in way of unity government

Tue, 2017-10-17 17:37
Abbas spokesman responds to Israel's announcement it will not negotiate with Palestinian government supported by Hamas

New York City rabbi gets prison for stealing $5 million in funds for disabled preschoolers

Tue, 2017-10-17 17:35
Samuel Hiller and three co-defendants used the money to cover personal expenses, including a family wedding, home renovations and jewelry

In contrast to U.S., working from home remains popular choice for Israeli tech firms

Tue, 2017-10-17 16:11
Many U.S. companies are ordering workers back to the office, but the advantages of remote work are powerful, as the Israeli tech industry testifies